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Genova Smart City aims at re-conceiving the city, heading towards the realistic utopian model of a people-oriented urban environment. Such goals may be achieved by improving the quality of life in its whole, making the city more livable through smart service and information, smart use of resources and smart development of an overall sustainable economy.

Genoa started a process of self-reconsideration in a smart sense, to provide a new vision of the city, able to change when required by a new context through the intersection of different planning tools and the connection of different strategies.

In 2010, the shared appreciation of the smart ideal by researchers, industry, institutions and finance, lead to the creation of the association Genova Smart City, a simple, immediate and democratic tool to systematically pursue a common objective.

The Association was founded by the Genoa Municipality, the University of Genoa and Enel and today it has about eighty members, both in the public and private area. It aims at defining programs to turn the city of Genoa into a smart city and at pinpointing actions, projects and initiatives that may be of help in achieving this goal.

The City of Genoa, like most relevant national and European metropolitan areas, is facing deep social, demographic and economic changes, which marked the recent past and gave rise to a growing demand for public participation by citizens.

The Municipality of Genoa consented in its policies to citizens’ requests for participation and involvement and identified the “Smart City” project as an innovative tool to rethink and promote development, shared actions and cohesion.

The implementation of this model has been conveyed also through the participation in public / private international partnerships, involving the world of research, enterprise and local institutions, as part of European and national funding programs.

The Municipality of Genoa is currently participating in several projects funded by the European Union on the subject of energy, mobility, resiliency, circular economy, environment, culture and social services, thus experiencing and developing innovative solutions and living labs of significant importance, shared with scientific and technological partners in the international arena.