BUSINESS MODELS & SOLUTIONS for the development of the smart city

The “construction” of a Smart City is based on the interaction of three “building blocks“: technologies, players (both public and private) and financing models. Technology alone is not enough to turn a city into a smart one. A regulatory framework and a financial incentive system are needed, too.

The development of innovative devices and smart systems is the first step to begin ‘envisioning’ a new smart urban model. However, in order to implement and incorporate them into a complex project, the city needs new business models.


  • Investment opportunities in the city of Genoa
  • Business models adopted in Italian and European cities;
  • Types of business models: organic and additive. Pros and cons.
  • Project financing and incentives for the development of a zero-footprint city;
  • Public-private partnership models and solutions;
  • Civic crowfunding;
  • Business strategies for the cities of tomorrow;
  • The city as an incubator for innovation and innovation;
  • The role of ESCOs.