Green Mobility1

Friday, May 27th

New challenges for the development of
a zero impact and a shared mobility
In collaboration with ClickutilityTeam
Sala del Capitano (tbc), 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Conference is open to all participants upon registration.

Climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by man and from transport are the main reasons why electric mobility is set to grow both in terms of policies, objectives and incentives in different countries and cities, and in terms of choices and orientation of the business part of the manufacturers, of the technologies and energy suppliers. The session aims at taking a picture of the situation at a world and European level, presenting innovations in the industry, some best practices and analysing how “Clean Fuel Strategy” is progressing in Italy, compared also to infrastructure development, the charging stations and energy storage systems.
Sharing mobility is one of the fastest growing segments in terms of sharing economy users and revenue, boosted by the explosion of digital technologies, where access takes over possession. A recent study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has shown, for the four most common services (car sharing, ride sharing, bike sharing and Shared parking), annual growth rates of 20% to 35% and revenue forecasts between 2 and 6 billion $ for 2020. Even Istat datas confirm this growth.


• Best policies and incentives for the electric mobility development
• Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: what’s new on the market
• Charging Stations: where we are
• Sharing Mobility: affordability, flexibility and ease of – focus on car access Sharing
• Best national and European practices
• sharing mobility services: mobile solutions and devices for use of the service and information sharing among users
• offer development and new business areas: threats and opportunities


Chairman: Fabio Capocaccia, President, IIC -International Institute of Communications

9:00 a.m.       Registrations

9:30 a.m.       Welcome greetings

Anna Maria Dagnino, Councillor for Mobility and Public Transport, Genoa Municipality

9:45 a.m.        Opening speech
Simone Gragnani, Senior Manager, Lem REPLY

10:15 a.m.      The development of car sharing and mobility with low environmental impact in Italy
Marco Mastretta,
General Director, ICS Italia

Best practices and projects at national and European level

Charging service “DUE Energie”. How to charge an electric car, at home, in office or on the road
Sergio Torre, Strategic planning & controlling Manager, Duferco Energie

Unit-e project: a first step towards the fast charging nets
Alberto Cappato, General Director, Porto Antico di Genova

New technologies for road electric transportation
Daniel Gerber, Local Product Group Manager, ABB

The Daily Electric & Flexible charging
Alessandro Bernardini, Innovation truck & Bus e di Alternative Traction & Electrification Manager, Iveco
Marco Aimo Boot, Commercial Vehicles – Product Development Alternative Traction & Electrification Manager, Iveco

12:00 a.m.     Closing roundtable
Public Administrations Talk

Speeches by:
Maria Berrini, Architect and CEO, AMAT – Mobility Environment Agency Territory, Municipality of Milan
Giuseppe Estivo, Functionary, Municipality of Turin
Carlo Maria Medaglia*, President and CEO, Rome’s Mobility Services
Francesco Pellegrino, Executive – Direction Mobility, Municipality of Genoa
Vincenzo Tartaglia*, Director – New Infrastructure and Mobility Department, Municipality of Florence

1:00 p.m.       Closing session