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FOOD: no more waste but new resourse

Palazzo della Camera di Commercio di Genova, Via Garibaldi
Sala del Bergamasco, giovedì 26 maggio, 3pm – 6pm
In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa

The Conference is open to all participants. The Conference language will be Italian.

The Chamber of Commerce of Genoa with the CLP (Centro Ligure Produttività) is supporting the promotion of the knowledge about Circular Economy and about European Commission legislative proposals on waste, to stimulate Europe’s transition towards a Circular Economy which will boost global competitiveness, foster sustainable economic growth and generate new jobs.

The meeting is focused on Food Losses and Food waste: European Commission establishes a concrete and ambitious programme of action, with measures covering the whole cycle: from production and consumption to waste management and the market for secondary raw materials.

The Commission will take measures to clarify EU legislation relating to waste, food and feed in order to facilitate the redistribution of safe, edible food to people in need and it will also develop, EU food donation guidelines for food donors and food banks on how to comply with relevant EU legislation (food safety, traceability, legal liability, VAT, etc.).

Speeches by:

The CSR and the Circular Economy: legislative measures and future developments
Giorgio Murtula, Manager, CLP (Ligurian Centre for Productivity)

The position paper about food waste
Nadia Repetto, Ligurian Regional Secretary, Slow Food

Redistribution of food, a collaboration between the world of volunteering and sensitive companies:
– CREA Project
Roberta Massa, C.R.E.A. Projectual Referent, Comunità di San Benedetto
Marco Malfatto, Genoese Area Manager and Project coordinator, Comunità di San Benedetto
– SMART FOOD Project
Paola Dameri, Project Manager and President, “SoleLuna” Association

Tax benefits for the company
Maurizio Astuni, professional accountant and co-founder of Social Hub Genoa

The vision of sustainability and innovation among young people
Elena Travi, Member, CSRNatives

Discussion opportunities for enterprises and future developments