Main Topics

Resilienza4Tuesday, 24th will be dedicated to the topic of Resilience. In this occasion, Genoa will host the closing event of the European project Harmonise (A Holistic Approach to Resilience and SysteMatic ActiOns to Make Large Scale UrbaN Built Infrastructure SEcure), in partnership with Genoa, which will conclude its journey with a symposium aiming at exploring the opportunities and challenges for the improvement of safety, resilience and sustainability of urban infrastructures.
Green Energy1Smart Building1Wednesday, 25th will be entirely devoted to the topic of energy. The day will be characterized by a series of events and conferences to explore in detail the following topics: energy policy and development plans; new opportunities of industrial development in this field, described by the representatives of national and international leader companies; measures and policies for the energy refurbishment of buildings, focusing on measures and best practices according to the Covenant of Mayors. Among the protagonists of this day there will be the European project, developed in partnership with Genoa: R2Cities, Celsius, Horizon Projects 2020, Transform.
Energia circolare1The topic of the Circular Economy will be discussed on Thursday, 26th during a dedicated conference promoted by AMIU within the Permanent Forum on Circular Economy.
Smart Job1On Thursday, 26th Genova Smart Week will also discuss about “smart job”,  the new way of working, made ​​possible thanks to new technologies and to an innovation in the tools used on the job place, but also in the concept and management of the job itself. This is an innovative theme, on which especially public authorities, including the City of Genoa, are launching training courses and testings.
Green Mobility1The last day of the Smart Week will be dedicated to the sustainable mobility and to the change of habits, focusing on the following topics: sharing mobility, e-mobility, incentives for the development of shared and alternative mobility models and development of the smart urban mobility. These topics will be discussed in national and international conferences which will also be attended by representatives from DG Mobility of the European Commission.