WELCOME ON BOARD: Ansaldo Energia

In the framework of its involvement in digitisation projects linked to the Industry 4.0 Plan, this year Ansaldo Energia is Silver Sponsor of Genoa Smart Week.

For Ansaldo Energia, the digital transformation isn’t exactly a revolution, but an accelerated evolution of the process of investing in digital technology, which began ten or so years ago to support the improvement of product development capabilities and the competitiveness of corporate processes.
Regarded as one of the company’s strategic drivers, the Digital Transformation is closely integrated in the development plans drawn up by Ansaldo Energia, which has been selected by the Italian Economic Development Ministry (MISE) as a leading edge player in the development of innovative applications in manufacturing.
In Ansaldo Energia, new technologies and applications platforms to support corporate technical and management processes have been introduced in parallel with the cross-industry development of digital competences, by planning and implementing Change Management activities designed to create the best possible conditions in terms of processes, organisation and competences.
In 2016, for the very purpose of encouraging the dialogue between business and innovation, the role of Chief Digital Officer was introduced, with the task of promoting the process of digital transformation in Ansaldo Energia.
Associated with this is the strategic decision to involve all the group’s business units and main operating structures (R&D and manufacturing in particular) both in the process of defining the goals of Digital Transformation, as well as in implementation work, making them feel part of the entire process in this way.
In addition, Ansaldo Energia has favoured an incremental approach, in which it identifies a series of pilot cases, for subsequent extension to the entire value chain, and always with the involvement of the managers of the business lines and processes involved