GREEN SOLUTIONS for urban regeneration

Wednesday, November 23rd
The development of a European network for the charging of electricly powered vehicles
Sustainable urban mobility guidelines

Friday, November 24th
“Smart Building & Energy Efficiency”
Participation in this conference recognizes: n.2 credits to the Order of Geometers, n.4 credits to the Order of Architects, n.3 credits to the Order of Engineers.




The development of a European network for the charging of electricly powered vehicles

Wednesday, November 23rd – 8.00 – 13.00 – Salone di Rappresentanza, Palazzo Tursi
Electrically powered mobility is a proven, rapidly expanding and highly competitive alternative for daily mobility on a European level.

The FIRST SESSION will be dedicated to the results of the Unit-e project, funded by the European Commission and promoted by ABB, which strengthened a network of “fast charging” stations, already operating in England, Ireland and France, extending it on the Italian side with a fully equipped corridor  that joins Dublin to Genoa, passing along the A10 from Ventimiglia, to arrive in Genoa’s Porto Antico.

Work will be launched by Stefano Balleari, Councillor for Mobility and Local Public Transport and Deputy Mayor, City of Genoa, and will be coordinated by Fabio Capocaccia, President, IIC. Speakers: Erika Fulgenzi, European Commission; Pier Giuseppe Naso Rappis, International Institute of Communications; Anne Guillemot, Ecole des Ponts; Andrea Lolli, Global E-Solutions Enel; Alberto Cappato, Porto Antico; Andrea Trebiani, ABB Italia.

SECOND SESSION, moderated by Enrico Musso, Director, C.I.E.L.I. University of Genoa, instead, will address the development plan of electrical mobility in the Liguria Region

Speakers: Pietro Menga, Cei Cives; Maria Fabianelli, Ire / Regione Liguria; Francesco Pellegrino, Municipality of Genoa; Duferco Energia; Bosch; Carlo Mannu BoschPhase Motion Control;Novelli/Smart Italia.

Sustainable urban mobility guidelines
0re 14.00 – 16.00 – Salone di Rappresentanza, Palazzo Tursi

The session will resume in the afternoon with an in-depth study on sustainable urban mobility that will highlight the role of the City of Genoa and the guidelines for defining standards and regulations, encouraging interoperability of structures and providing tools that will enable partnerships and collaboration with the private sector. Only through planned co-operation and participation between the municipality and companies can we achieve our principle objective: an articulated network of electric mobility at a local level.
The work will be launched by Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa and President of the Genova Smart City Association and will be moderated by Francesco Pellegrino, Direction Mobility, Municipality of Genoa.
Speakers: Stefano Balleari, City of Genoa; Enrico Musso, C.I.E.L.I. University of Genoa; Maria Fassone, Antonio Rossa, City of Genoa, Bartolomeo Valcalda, T-Bridge; Claudio Minelli Mobility in Chain.


Smart Building & Energy Efficiency
Friday, November 24th – 8.00 – 13.00 – Salone di Rappresentanza, Palazzo Tursi

When talking about smart building, you have to start from a simple and practical point of view: intelligence, which in this case, means savings and efficiency. Simple, intuitive, low-cost technologies can improve the lives of citizens, users and those who work. Investments that can be made in the building stage as well as optimizing existing structures that need to be improved from an energy, maintenance and structural point of view. There is a need to support initiatives that can improve, correct and introduce new rules for better management of the places where we live and work. This will be the occasion to identify and implement ‘best practice’ and models that will become benchmarksfor the sector.

Main Topics

  • Government policies and an overview on future developments
  • Current situation in Italy
  • Best practices and projects at national and local level

The works will be launched by Matteo Campora, Councillor for the Environment and Waste, Civic Services and Computing, Municipality of Genoa, and will be moderated by Riccardo Luiselli, Councillor, Order of Architects P.P.C. of Genoa.

Speakers: Marcello Capra, Ministry of Economic Development; U.K. Zorzoli Free Coordination; Paolo Piacenza, IRE Liguria; Sarah Zotti, ANCE Genova; Flavio Visone, Intesa Sanpaolo; Davide Ricci, e-distribution; Renato Sanna, Leonardo Company; Iren; Michele Governatori, Axpo Italia; Stefano Massucco, University of Genoa; IRE Liguria; Maria Fabianelli IRE Liguria; Diego Calandrino Municipality of Genoa.; Carlo Papi, Bosch

At the end of this session at 12.30am, Councillor Giancarlo Vinacci will make a closing speech to present the results of the week’s work.