Support and co-responsibility: these are the key words for the collaboration between Municipia and Local Governments. We at Municipia well know that every municipal administration has goals and responsibilities which are crucial for the well-being, security and coexistence of the communities living and working on the territory, and we are aware of the importance of sharing the results, but also the risks that innovations and changes involve, with the Local Authority. This is the reason why we work according to the innovative formulas provided by the Procurement Code, such as project financing, public-private partnerships and service assignment, participating in the management risks by contributing with economic, professional and technological resources.
Thanks to our belonging to Gruppo Engineering, a leader in Italy for Digital Transformation, we provide outsourcing process services in the critical and strategic fields of activity for Local Authorities and their subsidiaries. Thanks to our great technological wealth and process expertise, we are able to re-engineer the activities of the Municipality according to the principle of digital first, placing digital technologies at the heart of the relationship between the Public Administration and citizens or businesses.
Municipia considers being a partner of the Municipality to mean facing difficulties by providing practical solutions: starting from ideas to implement a change or an improvement, up to finding the necessary economic and professional resources. We therefore take charge of local authorities’ activities, redesigning, building and managing the services efficiently in order to meet their strategic objectives.
Municipia: the partner for building a Smart City, the operational arm of many Municipalities for implementing crucial activities for territorial governance, in a flexible and modern manner.