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Wednesday, May 25th

Energy renovation of urban and industrial areas

National front line experiences

Organised by Metropolitan City of Genova, lead partner of MAYORS IN ACTION project

Sala del Capitano, 14:00 – 18:30

The conference is open to all participants and it will be in Italian.


2:00 p.m  Opening

Chairman: Giorgia Rambelli, ICLEI Europe 

Local action and global thought: European policies and Covenant of Mayors

Giorgia Rambelli, Officer, ICLEI Europe

Covenant of Mayors in metropolitan territory of Genoa

Fausto Brizi, Head of Planning and Sustainable Development Office, Metropolitan City of Genoa

Mayors in Action project

Miriam Badino, Mayors in action Project Coordinator, Metropolitan City of Genoa

The experience of the Municipality of Genoa

Diego Calandrino, Energy Manager, IRE Liguria

Best Practices on existing buildings

Condomini Intelligenti®

Marco Castagna, Director, Muvita Foundation

Training course for building managers “Energy manager”

Pierluigi D’Angelo, President, ANACI Genova

Energy Efficiency, a growth opportunity for Italy

Sergio Torre, Strategic Planning & Controlling Manager, Duferco

Climare Project – Marine water heat pump for heating and cooling the San Benigno Center in Genoa

Domenico Carmosino, President, San Benigno Center Building Association

Pierluigi Avanzini, Designer Engineer, Climare project

Padova FIT Project: “purchase group for private buildings refurbishment”

Daniela Luise, Informambiente Coordinator, City of Padua

Coffee break

ABRACADABRA: buildings renovation to nearly zero energy

Margherita Scotto, Project Manager, D’Appolonia

Best Practices on city, industrial areas and public procurement

Energy Efficiency in an industrial plant

Stefano Perboni, General Manager, Noka group

Energy planning in existing industrial areas. The method developed by SUSREG project.

Federico De Filippi, Project Manager, Sogesca S.r.l

Energy renovation for territorial development – Horizontal blocks of flats

Paolo Pierobon, Head of Environment Sector, Municipality of Treviso

SSP Regions and A.P.E (Ecological Public Purchases), project of Metropolitan City of Turin that are complementary to Covenant of Mayors

Valeria Veglia, Head of Planning and Environmental Education and Agenda21 Office, Metropolitan City of Turin

Ore 18.00 Q&A

Ore 18.30 Closing

The conference is also National Training session for Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors in the framework of MAYORS IN ACTION project.