WELCOME ON BOARD: E-Distribuzione

E-Distribution will attend Genoa Smart Week. It will be an opportunity to present Open Meter, the new meter inspired by the concept of open, accessible and technologically advanced energy. The installation of new E-Distribution meters will allow Italian customers, without any rate increase, to improve their awareness of their consumption, to access new services and in the future to actively participate in the new energy market. E-Distribution S.p.A. is the utility company for the distribution of electricity. The first and most important step towards intelligent networks has been the introduction of the first Electronic meter  since 2001, before the provisions of Directive 2009/72 / EC (Common Market Rules for the Internal Electricity Market) E-Distribution, formerly Enel Distribuzione, opened the way for the massive replacement of all the electromechanical meters, with electronic counters that can be read and managed remotely, becoming the world leader in smart metering systems. Today, after 16 years, E-Distribution has begun replacing meters with second-generation meters (CE 2G) in more than 7,500 municipalities, involving 32 million customers. Genoa Smart Week will also be the right  opportunity  to present also the SFS Project, the new MT Distribution System based on Always-On communication between the Secondary and Primary Cabins. It’s an example of “internet of things” on the systems that exploits information coming from the field that makes our networks “self healing”, capable of acting indipendently in order to limit disruption in case of failure.
A distributed intelligence on the Net at customer’s service.