Iren. Innovation is crucial to improve and make business and work processes more efficient, to ensure environmental and economic sustainability and  to facilitate the growth of the territories in which Iren Group operates.
Innovation processes are managed through a model of open innovation, through the involvement in the idea or product development of all stakeholders (both internal and external) so that this idea is actually the best, since it has been analyzed and developed with a multidisciplinary approach, gaining the knowledge and skills of an ecosystem of companies, universities, research centers, innovation poles and start-ups.
In July 2017, in cooperation with Intesa Sanpaolo, Iren launched the first edition of the Iren Start-up Award, a competition for young European companies that have developed innovative solutions in the fields of energy, environment and water cycle.
Iren is very active in co-funded research projects at European, national and regional levels: these projects allow to test innovative solutions with the contribution and the comparison of international realities

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